20 club

20 Club

20 Club members share an objective: to achieve outstanding growth.

Club membership is limited to a maximum of 20 companies who are proactive about making that growth a reality. The Club helps every member of your team improve from the rookie recruiter through to the Board. Imagine the difference that makes to your revenue, profit and equity value!

While most people in your company are doing most things right, there is a reason I am LinkedIn’s #1 recommended recruitment board advisor – I can make them better still if they are prepared to take the next step.

20 club Benefits

Club members receive exclusive access to 20 live events each year:

Improve your Leaders:

  • 12 leadership development sessions consisting of quarterly, half-day Masterclasses with lunch and networking drinks PLUS eight extra 1-2-1 Skype meetings.

  • A dedicated leadership support line for help and advice in between meetings.

Improve your Recruiters:

  • Eight live and interactive development sessions which all members of your team are welcome to join.

  • Access to 20 Club’s 24/7 Recruiter Development Library.