20 Club


With a maximum of 20 members at any one time, the 20 Club is recruitment’s most exclusive club. Members are selected for their ability to contribute to the peer-to-peer learning as well as the ambitions they have for their business and receive:

  • leading non-executive advisory services;

  • training for their management team;

  • training for their recruiters; and

  • peer to peer support.

Members learn to

  • create the best 3-year plan to achieve objectives;

  • attract, develop and retain superstar recruiters;

  • increase sales;

  • build high performance management teams;

  • succession plan;

  • maximise revenue at every client;

  • exit plan and maximise sale value

  • plus a lot, lot more…

what’s included?

Each member receives exclusive access to 20 events including board meetings for directors, networking dinners and live development sessions for managers and recruiters. These events have been carefully created to improve every member of your company including founders, CEOs/MDs, directors, managers, team leaders and recruiters. In short, supported by one of the UK’s leading recruitment non executive directors and the peer to peer support group the 20 Club is the ultimate way to accelerate your growth and improve your profitability. Members receive:

  • A bespoke three year plan;

  • 3 further board meetings for directors via Skype;

  • 2 networking dinner with other 20 Club members;

  • 4 live and interactive learning & development events for managers / team leaders / future leaders;

  • 10 monthly live and interactive learning & development sessions for recruiters of all levels;

  • 24/7 Whatsapp group for members to share ideas and networking; and

  • A support line in between events for any business questions.


Initial enquiries should be made to Alex Arnot who selects the businesses that he will mentor. To find out more contact