Your £395+vat/ month licence gives every member of your company unlimited access to 10 online sessions until 31 December 2019. These sessions will be both live on the dates below and on demand.

NO RISK 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: if having joined 3 live online sessions you don’t feel you have received value then you will receive 100% of your money back, no discussion. And until 7 December there is 15% off the normal price.


Each session is invite-only, one hour long and includes a Q&A session. Sessions are also available as recordings.

Friday 25th January 2019, 1pm
What makes a big biller? The traits & shared behaviours of £million billers

Friday 22nd February 2019, 1pm 
It’s all about you: SWOT your way to success then learn the targets, planning, ratios & self-motivation frameworks you need to bill big

Friday 29th March, 11am 
Smash your ceiling: how to exceed your billing ceiling and surpass revenue targets more consistently

Friday 26th April, 11am
Maximising revenue: how to make the most of every client: and fill a higher % of jobs


Friday 31st May, 11am
Advanced new business winning: The #1 secret of the £1m+ billers

Friday 28th June, 11am
Ask Alex: I'll provide instant solutions to any challenge you face on how to bill bigger

Friday 26 July, 11am
Attracting more quality candidates

Friday 30th August, 11am 
Time management: how one recruiter went from a £500,000 biller to the £1M Club in 12 months

27th September 2019, 11am
Become a social media pro: the online tricks that are proven to increase billings

25th October 2019, 11am
Ask Alex: an interactive wrap-up session to ensure successful implementation of all the ideas learnt and provide answers to any final challenges on how to bill big

"I increased my billings from £900k to £1.4M in the last 12 months and virtually all of that came from what I learnt from Alex. If you don’t think it’s worth investing £395/month to have your recruiters learn how Alex helped me add £500,000 in a year, then you seriously need to give your head a wobble!" - Sarah T, IT Recruiter

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