Four ways to reduce training and development costs

I’ve written before about how important developing staff is both to staff retention and to profitability and growth.

However, developing staff can be costly.  Here are some ways to reduce those costs:

1.     Set up a champions network: if members of your team have strengths then recognise their talent by asking them to run internal training courses on the areas they excel at. It's a win-win. You are giving the individual recognition of their excellence and at the same time you are sharing best practice.

2.     Leverage your suppliers: if you need expertise in job skills writing then ask one of the jobs boards to provide you with training on best practice. If getting the most out of LinkedIn is a challenge for you then LinkedIn offer a lot of free training sessions and for RPS licence users they offer a free online training centre . Suppliers are always looking for ways to offer value above their basic product so take advantage.

3.    Incentivise your team to innovate: you or your team may have contacts at other recruiters from a former life. If you’re not in competing sectors why not explore the potential to share training sessions and best practice.

4.    Hire in an expert: conferences commonly cost in excess of £450 per person and often you will only want to hear from one or two of the speakers. Approach the speakers you genuinely want to hear from directly to understand if they’ll deliver bespoke training sessions. This can work out considerably cheaper particularly where you want to train several people.

Alex Arnot