10 (almost) free ways to recognise excellent performance

Recognising individual contributions to the business is both an excellent motivator and a great retention strategy. Here are 10 ideas that will cost you less than a coffee but make a big difference to your business.

1. Half days for personal bests – why not give recruiters an extra half day’s holiday every time they hit a new personal best month? This will encourage them to keep on stretching themselves.

2. Public acknowledgement – public acknowledgement both internally and where possible externally will not only make the individual feel valued and raise their status among their peers, but it will also encourage others to seek the same recognition.

 3. Special responsibilities – save up unique opportunities to reward the team, for example the opportunity to make the final choice on the location for the next team night out or the chance to accompany clients to acorporate event.

4.  Butler service – why not make the individual feel like a millionaire for a day (well almost) by having the rest of the team draw lots to see who will make them tea and coffee all day

5. Give them a card – why not give them a “thank you” card for their work.

6. Dress down any day – dress down Fridays are a firm favourite for a reason. Giving individuals the opportunity to have an additional dress down day occasionally will be appreciated.

7. Ease target pressure – if an individual is consistently hitting targets try further easing the pressure on them by removing those targets. In the same way as the redbrick universities give offers of two Es to show A-level students how much they want them, removing targets for recruiters is a show of faith and commitment that can increase loyalty and productivity for them and encourage their colleagues.

8. Give them a testimonial - writing a LinkedIn testimonial is some of the most public and professional praise that you can give an individual.

9. Recognise their expertise - ask them to run a training session for their peers around the area they have just demonstrated their expertise in.

10. Awards – there are plenty of awards designed to recognise individual talent such as the Recruiter’s Investment in Talent category “Most inspiring newcomer” award. 

Please do share any ideas that you have on improving retention and productivity, and any ideas that have worked less well. We'd be really interested to here them.

Alex Arnot