Budget & plan sense check - free, no commitment

The budgeting and planning process is often both daunting and exciting. Hopefully you will be navigating your company into unchartered waters, alternatively you may be rebuilding if you have encountered challenges that set you back.  Either way budgets and plans are critical to success and a sense check by an experienced eye can be invaluable.

Following the Chancellor Philip Hammond’s first budget I am offering to critique company budgets and plans for free and with no commitment. Having successfully navigated the challenges of growing a business I have since helped dozens of other companies do the same and the budgeting and planning process has always been the foundation of their growth and profitability.

Drop me an email (aarnot@mynonexec.com) to find out more - essentially I’ll ask you to send me your plans (in the strictest of confidence) and will then schedule a fifteen minute call with you to highlight where I think you may be missing opportunities or being unrealistic as well as affirming the areas of your planning that I feel are strong. 


Three of the 15 most common planning & budgeting mistakes:

  • Unrealistic expectations – the speed with which targets can be achieved and the probability of everything going to plan are both often over estimated.
  • Succession planning – structures that will enable the company to retain staff and grow should be evident in your plans; and
  • Planning back to front – people find it easier to plan working forward from the present to the future. This rarely works. Start with a long term vision of what the company will look like in 3, 4 or 5 years time and work back to the present day.


No budget or plan? I’ll publish a free getting started with plans and budgets next week to help.


Alex Arnot is currently non-executive advisor to 25 recruitment consultancies.

Alex Arnot