Businesses need to push hard while the market is strong and so getting 2018 off to a flyer is crucial. That means a combination of strategic and tactical planning.

Business goes quiet in many sectors from mid-December until the start of the second week in January so you need to think now about how you are going to finish this year strongly and pick up with the same momentum in the New Year.

Update your strategy

Take this opportunity to review your progress against your short-, mid- and long-term plans and if necessary to update them. Then update staff on where the company has got to and where it is going. By doing it before the Christmas break you can send your team away full of confidence about where the company is heading in the New Year and therefore less likely to accept headhunting approaches.

Engage stakeholders

The Christmas and New Year periods are also crucial tactically. Christmas is an opportunity to remind stakeholders that you exist. Whether you produce a simple Christmas card or send presents to clients and prospects, it’s an opportunity to remind people that you are thinking of them and to update them on the success that your business is enjoying and the innovative ways you can help them succeed.


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